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Check out what our clients are saying about us. Let us know if you would like to add your testimonial. We appreciate your feedback and need it to constantly improve to better meet our clients' health and wellness.

Rachel R.: "I am a client of Dennis Palmer and wanted to share my experiences with you about him. Truly there aren't enough words to describe the sense of relief I get from a visit with Dennis.  Between my pinched nerve in my neck, to extremely tight muscle groups from over extensive use, to rolled ankles, aching joints, and even heel spurs--Dennis's knowledge of the body and healing has amazed me  beyond belief.  He is the only person that I will let work on me.  Mainly, because I know that when I go see him I will come in to see him tight, sore and in pain, but when I leave I will be free of tention and have proper rotation in my body.  Both sides of my body are aligned with each other.  He truly has been blessed with a gift from God of Healing, and I will continue to see him because of the serenity he brings me in my Life." 


Christopher S. (Two time Kickboxing Champion): "Dennis is the best therapist that in all of my travels have ever had work on me.  He not only knows how to physically make you better; he also emotionally makes you feel good for the visit."


​​Jody: "Outstanding!  Professional yet warm and caring environment.  As a patient, I felt well taken care of, listened to, and heard! Most impressionable was the sincere interest and compassion of the therapist--and of course, the amazing and therapeutic massage!  Would you recommend us to your friends, family, or co-workers? Yes, YES, and YES.  I already have. What can we do to make your experience better? Keep doing what you're doing for your patients!" [Patient sees Serign for Massage Therapy]

Hemant.:  "Jaclynn is an intuitive and talented massage healer.  She has a knack for going to the pain areas and soothing the pain. If you are consistent, she will gradually melt the pain away. Try  her cranio-therapy--very relaxing; you won't open your eyes once she is done. Incorporate the massage in your health regimen and you will be in good hands. My request to her will be to continue learning and developing her intuitive skills into micro-current, acupunture, and blend the modalities.  I had hip pain for 15 years and now it is 90% gone. I don't want to say too many good things about her--she may become too popular and won't have time and attention for me."

Kat.:  "I was referred to Serenity Life Wellness by my doctor to aide in my recovery after a minor surgery.  My overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive! Ralph always greets me with a smile and Serign is a true master in his profession.  He is passionate about his work and genuinely wants to make a difference in my recovery. I will continue to visit Serenity Life Wellness for massages with Serign even after my recovery. What can we do to make your experience better? There is always room for improvement but I seriously cannot think of any that apply.  Service is good; scheduling is easy; facility is clean! Would you recommend us to your friends, family, or co-workers? Absolutely, without hesitation!"

Bianca V.: "Dr. Adorno is an absolute godsend! He is patient, gentle, yet truly thorough and has been a tremendous help with my problem areas. The massage by Serign was hands down the BEST massage I have ever received.  His ability to relieve pain and muscle tension in one session is simply incredible!  Overall, I walked away relaxed, balanced, and energized! Thank you, Serenity Life Wellness. I will absolutely recommend this company to my friends and family.​​"

Marilynn D.: "I was extremely hesitant because I have only had a deep tissue massage once before and the experience was horrible.  However, I was comfortable with Serign from the beginning and all throughout my massage.  He made sure the pressure was fine for me and worked areas he knew and could tell needed work.  As far as the adjustment with Dr. Adorno, this was also a first.  He made me feel relaxed and educated me throughout the exam. He took time to explain what he was going to do, why, and the long-term effects.  I can honestly say not only do I feel like a new person, but I am more relaxed and calm afterwards!  I will definitely be recommending Serenity Life Wellness to my co-workers, family, and friends."

Rocio G.: "I had my first massage ever from Serign at Serenity Life Wellness. He ensured the pressure was appropriate for my comfort and did an outstanding job. He adjusted his technique to fit my needs, providing both a very deep massage to loosen tight spots and more gentle in sensitive areas. I was provided with a great service in a relaxed but professional manner. I highly recommend you call for an appointment!​"

Lashanna F.​:  "​I would like to take time out to thank Serign for all the help in getting my body back on track.  Before I started getting massages by Serign, my body was jacked up--literally!  My shoulders were very tense; my neck was stiff; and my back was totally out of whack.  After my first massage with Serign, my body felt like I was walking on clouds.  He knows how to get right to the point of pain and get it out!  With that being said, I will continue my treatment with Serign and continue to refer others.  Thanks  again.​​​​​​"

​William H.:  "I came to Serign for a deep tissue massage; he was recommended to me from a friend who raved about how great he was.  Last Spring I had a hip replacement surgery but noticed that my knee and hip were still hurting.  He educated me about how these aches and pains were related to some of my habits.  In my entire life, I had never had a massage from a man but instantly felt comfortable.  One of my girlfriends back in the 80s was a massage therapist, so I was accustomed to deep tissue massage.  But, his massage was the best I have ever had.  He knew exactly how far to manipulate my muscle tissue.  I recommend him for anyone needing post surgery massage."


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