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Serenity Life Wellness always delivers services with highly-trained professionals.  
Meet our therapists, practitioners, doctors, and trainers.

Serign Ceesay (Massage Therapist) intertwines his knowledge of neuro-muscular therapy, sports massage, and exercise therapy to relax and improve his clients’ conditions. He graduated from Atlanta School of Massage on a full scholarship from Charles Barkley, NBA Hall of Famer, in 2000. He has over 13 years of experience as a clinical, medical, and rehabilitation therapist. Most recently, he developed and found great success with a unique massage technique geared toward post-operative recovery and healing. Serign maintains an active lifestyle through physical training and playing football through ZogSports, which raises money for non-profit organizations. He is involved in numerous philanthropic organizations and believes that helping his community is imperative to his personal success!

​Dennis Palmer (Massage Therapist/ Sports Trainer) offers a diverse array of services ranging from non-insertive acupuncture, scar tissue removal, neuro-muscular massage therapy, to mixed martial arts and fitness training.  In combining over 40 years of martial arts experience with NMT certification, this Martial Arts Hall of Famer truly understands the importance of massage as part of any training regimen.​​

Jaclynn Morgan (Massage Therapist) has specialized under 2 Orthopedic surgeons, 2 chiropractors and a family physician.  She   trained rigorously in neuro-muscular, deep tissue techniques, Swedish, trigger point, and sports massage.  She also offers ear candling, ice therapy, and full body stretching. She helps athletes prepare for competition and recover afterwards.

Luther McKennon (Massage Therapist) believes there is a physical reason for emotional distress. He focuses on activating dormant, atrophied muscles which stimulates circulation. Luther uses massage therapy as a way to help patients with challenges such as bipolar disorder, PTSD, and other mental issues. He is known for deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy!

Clarissa Francis (Massage Therapist) has combined her years of experience as a health educator with massage therapy to encourage balanced healthy lifestyles. She specializes in stress management believing that by incorporation of relaxing activities into one's daily life can ultimately improve on ways to cope with everyday stressors. She specializes in stretching, Swedish, and deep tissue techniques. 

Dr. Maria Barnes  has been a Naturopath and educator of the human temple “body, mind and spirit” for over 10 years. She is an expert on family health, nutrition, fitness, stress management, and achieving maximum health. She is dedicated to identifying and providing the best care of chronic mental and physical illnesses. As a functional and preventive doctor, she is a leader in her field. She is founder and president of CAM Health, a complementary alternative medical clinic in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Barnes is also a breast cancer survivor and a public speaker on the importance a positive mental attitude. She is a living example of how the right nutrition paired with positive physical and emotional health can make the difference between life and death and her passion and purpose is utilizing medicine in a way that helps others feel better. Her current studies are in Neuroscience and Neuropsychology at Georgia State University and have been focusing on researching depression, the investigation of neural inhibition and excitation. Read her 4 page white paper Emotional Alkalinity Therapy (EAT)

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