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Welcome to a new way in which we are doing business. Serenity Life Wellness and CAM Health have teamed up to move with the way healthcare is moving. Through collaborating efforts, we now offer a concierge healthcare platform; medical and alternative healing that comes to you.

Our purpose is to focus on building strong relationships with a family of people who choose to have direct access to anyone within our consortium of health providers and choose more personalized support. CAM Health and Serenity want strong trusting relationships with a manageable number of people who will help us build our business through a strong word-of-mouth platform for a monthly subscription fee and in return receive top priority scheduling in-office, in-home, or tele medical appointments. In addition to the main office number, you have direct contact numbers to utilize weekdays and weekends for immediate access to information, and support needed to make sure you are connecting with the right people within the health care system. Rules have changed, insurance has changed and people have changed, which means health care must change.  We choose to be commensurate with the need for people who want to be educated about their health and invest in the services that are necessary in order to make that happen. We believe overall people want to feel better and the best way we are confident in attaining that goal, is through a consortium of the best conventional and alternative healthcare professionals who provide services for those who choose a more balanced approach to medicine and looking for the most efficient way to have it all.

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